The top version of Xiaomi 12S Ultra, recommended for photographers

As an imaging flagship, Xiaomi Mi 12S Ultra is very radical in overall design. It not only has the IMX989 1-inch outsole sensor, but also adds Leica optical lenses, Leica dual image quality, and Leica filters. With Leica’s full adjustment, The imaging ability is more prominent, it is no exaggeration to say that a professional camera is put into the mobile phone.

But for many Mi fans, although this phone is very good, its price is too high. The starting price is 3,999 yuan, and the 12GB+512GB top version is even as high as 4,999 yuan. Fortunately, now this Xiaomi imaging flagship is finally Price dropped. At present, under the influence of tens of billions of subsidies, Xiaomi Mi 12S Ultra has fallen to a new low for the whole series. The starting price has been adjusted to 3599 yuan, and its 512GB top version has the highest decline. Currently, it only costs 4379 yuan, which is more close to the people.

Xiaomi Mi 12S Ultra has a front-facing 32-megapixel beauty selfie lens, a rear 50-megapixel main camera + 48-megapixel periscope telephoto + 48-megapixel ultra-wide-angle triple camera, the main camera is the IMX989 sensor jointly developed by Xiaomi and Sony, using The Quard-Bayer pixel array supports OIS optical image stabilization for the main camera and ZoomEIS image stabilization for the periscope telephoto lens.

The rear main camera of Xiaomi Mi 12S Ultra has a 1.02-inch outsole, an equivalent focal length of 23mm, and an aperture of F1.9; the ultra-wide-angle lens has an equivalent focal length of about 13mm, an aperture of F2.2, and has a 1/2-inch outsole; the telephoto lens is equal to The effective focal length is 120mm, the aperture is F4.1, and it has 1/2 inch. The lens system covers the full focal length from 13mm to 120mm, which can cover most daily scenes.

All three lenses of Xiaomi Mi 12S Ultra support 8K video shooting, which can provide a lot of secondary cropping space in actual use. With the equivalent 120mm lens, it can easily capture long-distance pictures. In addition, Xiaomi Mi 12S Ultra also supports 4K60P Dolby Vision HDR shooting and playback, which is the first time in an Android device.

Xiaomi 12S Ultra 12GB + 256GBPrice : $399
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Xiaomi Mi 12S Ultra has the blessing of Leica image, plus the three main camera-level lenses brought by Xiaomi’s ultimate stacking material, its imaging capability is the most powerful in the industry at present. It provides Leica native dual image quality, which are Leica Vivid and Leica Classic. There are also four choices of Leica Vivid, Leica Natural, Leica Monochrome, and Leica Black and White HC on the filter. It supports Leica portrait shooting mode, users can Take textured portrait photos.

The Xiaomi Mi 12S Ultra takes Leica images as the core, and has also been upgraded in terms of body design, which can clearly make people feel the difference between the Xiaomi Mi 12S Ultra and the previous Xiaomi flagship phones. The high-end market is the focus of current Xiaomi phones, while the Xiaomi Mi 12S Ultra is It is a milestone product of Xiaomi in the high-end market.