The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 Price is Drop $400, Is it worthy ?

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 is like a compact vanity case that folds up after use and tucks into a small pocket. The way of folding up and down makes people dream back to the era when Nokia dominated more than ten years ago. Samsung’s design is like allowing consumers to continue to use a “flip phone” that is not behind the times in the era of smartphones.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 is equipped with Snapdragon 888 processor + LPDDR5 + UFS3.1, pre-installed OneUI3.1.1 operating system based on Android 11, OneUI3 is equipped with AI system acceleration engine 7.0, which improves the application startup speed and solves the problems caused by long-term use of the system. Fragmentation problem; support Baidu SkyDrive Samsung version, which can provide users with 2TB of storage space, which still includes no less than 5GB of original video storage space.

The internal screen of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 uses a 6.7-inch second-generation dynamic AMOLED folding screen with a resolution of 1080P, supports a 120Hz adaptive refresh rate, and can dynamically adjust the refresh rate. The external screen size of Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 is 1.9 inches, with a resolution of 260 × 512, a pixel density of 302ppi, and a brightness of up to 935nits. Users can view notifications, messages, photos, play music, check weather and step count statistics without unfolding the phone. You can also choose from different clock types and colors, and use the Samsung Smart Pay function to complete daily payments through the external screen.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 supports the external screen snapshot function. Users need to double-click the power button to turn on the camera. Users can use the rear camera to take selfies, and the external screen provides a preview. Users can also match the external screen with devices such as Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 series smart watches through customization options.

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 has a front-facing 10-megapixel beauty selfie lens, a rear 12-megapixel main camera + 12-megapixel ultra-wide-angle dual-camera, and supports 10x electronic zoom, OIS optical image stabilization and other camera functions. Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 brings dual internal and external preview function, that is, when taking pictures with the rear camera, both internal and external dual screens can preview the framing screen, and the subject can see their own image on the external screen at the same time, which makes it easier to adjust the photo posture, allowing users to Take more creative photos.

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 adopts a palm-folding design. With the help of the invisible hinge, the upper and lower screens can be hovered at multiple angles. When taking a selfie, when the upper and lower screens are opened and closed to a certain angle, the camera interface will automatically enter the split-screen mode. The upper half of the screen becomes the viewfinder, and the lower half of the screen provides some basic operation buttons for the camera, and also supports photo viewing, making full use of each part of the screen.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 has a built-in 3300mAh battery, is equipped with a linear motor, Dolby stereo dual speakers, and supports NFC. Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 supports IPX8 top waterproof function, can be immersed in 1.5 meters deep water for up to half an hour, and uses anti-corrosion solution and lubricant on the hinge part to improve waterproof protection and ensure that it will not rust in wet environments, etc. This makes it the first folding screen model to support IPX8 waterproofing.

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 was priced at 5,599 yuan when it was released. However, due to the release of the new generation of Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4, it has also begun to accelerate its exit price. In subsidized platforms, its price has been regulated to $450. It fell directly by $400 in 2018. For female users who like to have a budget of 6,000 yuan, it is more cost-effective to start at the current price. What do you think about this, please leave a message for discussion.