Only $366, Blacksharp 5 Pro Gaming Phone is available now

The release price of the 12GB+256GB version of the Black Shark 5Pro is 3999 yuan. It is currently priced at 2999 yuan on an e-commerce platform. If you receive a coupon, you can enjoy a discount of 15 minus 1000 yuan, and you only need 3984 yuan to get it. For game lovers, it’s quite a bargain at the current price.

Black Shark 5Pro is equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 8Gen1 processor, pre-installed JOYUI13 operating system based on Android 12, with up to 16GB memory, equipped with disk array system 2.0, equipped with an SSD solid-state storage hard disk and UFS3.1 disk for joint debugging, the disk The sequential read performance of the array system is improved by 55%, the sequential write performance is improved by 69%, the random read performance is improved by 194%, and the random write performance is improved by 97%, and the AnTuTu benchmark score reaches 1,129,716 points.

Black Shark 5Pro is equipped with a full-blooded version of LPDDR5 memory, with a theoretical speed of 6400Mbps, increasing the memory rate. It also supports SA/NSA dual-mode 5G, WiFi6 enhanced version, full-scene antenna intelligent switching, ensuring mobile phone online at all times, equipped with Black Shark RAMDISK disk accelerator, AI process monitoring and ThermalConterol key device thermal control optimization and other technologies, effectively improving application startup / Stability of loading rate and game frame rate, so that the mobile phone can keep the whole scene running smoothly.

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The Black Shark 5Pro adopts the anti-gravity dual VC liquid cooling system, which is based on the “sandwich” three-dimensional heat dissipation structure. By adding a “anti-gravity track” design to the VC soaking plate, its capillary force is strengthened to achieve faster liquid circulation. Speed, two VC heat dissipation components are designed on the front and back of the key heat dissipation unit of the motherboard. The total area of ​​the double VC reaches 5320 square millimeters. While covering 100% of the core heat source of the mobile phone, it can also achieve three-dimensional heat dissipation of the heat source.

The Black Shark 5Pro has a very eye-catching design in the fuselage structure, that is, the magnetic power lifting shoulder key and the unique hyperbolic screen pressure. The second-generation magnetic lift shoulder key on the Black Shark 5Pro has a 7-level magnetic drive, bringing a smooth and stable toggle experience. It has a built-in gaming-grade micro switch, which has a crisp touch and a correspondingly sensitive trigger. The unique hyperbolic screen pressure sensitivity is a better screen operation enhancement function, and the three-dimensional touch function is realized through the pressure of the finger.

The Black Shark 5Pro uses a hardware combination of two fully symmetrical top speakers and four custom high-dynamic microphones, which can bring users a better listening experience and make the sound more realistic. Black Shark 5Pro also brings a new noise reduction version of Black Shark TWS Bluetooth headset for game scenarios, which supports noise reduction effect of up to 40db depth. You can experience lower latency performance in game mode, and can be more effective in shooting games. Hear the enemy’s footsteps clearly.