iphone 14 wil be available, The Price of iphone 13 pro max cut 30% OFF

With Apple’s official announcement of the launch time, the iPhone 14 is really here. However, this new phone has no secrets in the eyes of everyone concerned, and all aspects of its configuration and appearance have been fully exposed. The only thing waiting for Apple’s official announcement are some details, features, and most importantly, the price.

The iPhone14 series includes four models: iPhone14, iPhone14Max, iPhone14Pro and iPhone14ProMax. For the four new products this time, Apple will focus on the Pro version. According to channel sources, the iPhone 14 Pro Max accounts for 28% of the total production capacity of new products, the iPhone 14 Pro accounts for 26%, and the production capacity of the two mobile phones has reached 54%.

Among the four models, the most noteworthy model is actually: the previous mini version was cancelled and replaced with a 6.7-inch large-screen iPhone 14 Max. This will be the first time Apple has launched a 6.7-inch iPhone for under $799, and it will likely be a hit.

The iPhone 14 will have both facial recognition unlocking and fingerprint unlocking functions. The iPhone 14 will use the power button to unlock the fingerprint, while the iPhone 14 Pro will use the off-screen fingerprint to unlock. The rear camera will be upgraded to 48 million pixels and upgraded to auto focus (AF). Its photosensitive area has been increased by 25% to 35%, and the 7P lens has been adopted. The optical performance has been significantly upgraded, and it has 8 to 16K pixels for the best AR/MR visual experience, and can record 8K videos at the same time.

Judging from the official poster, the content probably implies that the new iPhone will support AOD always-on display, and there is still a chance to use satellite links, which is quite surprising. It is reported that the satellite communication function will allow the iPhone to send short messages to emergency contacts through the satellite network without going through the carrier, and even in places without 4G/5G signal coverage, you can also use satellite services to stay online.

Even if the satellite communication function is supported on the iPhone 14, it cannot be used casually when there is no 4G/5G coverage. Instead, it uses the satellite system to perform some positioning operations in no-signal scenarios to facilitate calls for help and rescue. This function will be very useful in some emergency situations, such as the time of network disconnection after a disaster, when trapped in a mountain, etc. It is equivalent to a “life-saving function” under special circumstances.

The iPhone 14 series will also have 1 or 2 new color schemes, and there will be a small upgrade in fast charging. The maximum charging power has been increased to 30W, but the battery specification is very limited, and the charging speed cannot be compared with the previous generation. With the official launch of the iPhone 14 series, the iPhone 13 series will also usher in a simultaneous price cut. Friends who are interested in the iPhone 13 series are expected to wait another half a month to start at a low price.

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