Xiaomi mix fold 2 reviews: not just look good, the folding screen is what it look like

Recently, Apple released the new IPhone14 series of mobile phones. In addition to the small improvement in performance and battery life, the new model is the most exciting for fruit fans. Of course, some people will say that this is a useless design that uses software to make up for the lack of screen. In fact, the Android phone is on the screen. Perfect coordination and innovation have been achieved for a long time, especially among the several giants in the mobile phone industry, Apple has not yet launched a folding screen. In fact, folding screen mobile phones have been very popular these years, but consumers always respond poorly. It is mainly limited by the fact that folding increases the thickness of the mobile phone, but Xiaomi’s recently released MIX Fold2 has indeed subverted the traditional understanding of folding screen mobile phones. You might as well follow the editor to take a look.

Beauty comes first, positioning is more accurate

In the past, the audience of folding screen mobile phones were mainly business elites who pursued a sense of technology or female users who liked small screen fashion, but this time Xiaomi MIX Fold2 can be said to have achieved a people-friendly favorability, not only because it is really thin and light, What I care more about is that the configuration has achieved what a flagship mobile phone should look like. The Snapdragon 8+ latest God U blessing, 4nm process, brings the ultimate fever performance experience, making the folding screen mobile phone not only good-looking but also better to use.

The above mentioned that the mobile phone is very thin and light, maybe you have not yet formed the concept. The fully unfolded thickness of Xiaomi MIX Fold2 is 5.4mm, and it is only 11.2mm after folding. At present, the Samsung folding screen is 16mm, Huawei Mate X2 is 14.7mm, vivo X Fold It is 14.9mm and Find N is 15.9mm, which means it is the thinnest mobile phone, and the weight is only 262g, which solves the pain point of the folding screen being heavy and not portable.

Camera evolution, taking pictures with Leica

This time, the Leica professional optical lens is used for the photo, the main camera is 50 million pixels, the built-in SONY IMX766 professional chip, with a 13 million pixel ultra-wide-angle lens and a 2X zoom lens, coupled with Xiaomi’s continuous improvement of the camera algorithm over the years, the shooting effect is guaranteed.

Judging from the proofs taken during the day, the overall color saturation is high, the details are restored to reality, and the contrast is relatively strong. With CyberFocus, all things follow the focus, and the subject of the face is automatically recognized, especially the contrast between light and dark in the sun is closer to the real expression. Preserve the authenticity of your Leica camera and make your photos tell a story.

Compared with the previous mobile phone, Xiaomi MIX Fold2 is faster in startup speed and camera speed, and the night scene mode does not have to wait for several seconds to turn around. Judging from the proofs shot at night, the 7P lens has an ideal effect on the halo suppression of street lights, and the high light transmittance allows the camera to not miss every small detail and capture every wonderful moment.

Interactive experience, the screen is more practical

The folding screen has been criticized for the mismatch of applications. Although it is a large screen, it is still displayed according to the regular size of the mobile phone. This time Xiaomi has created MIUI Fold13 for the folding screen, which realizes the display of the left and right columns of the regular page. Three-party applications are re-adapted, especially video, office applications, etc., adding three-finger swipe to quickly split the screen, which not only improves the field of vision, but also improves office efficiency.

In addition, this time the internal and external screens have the same performance, which is also 120Hz high-brush, 1000nit brightness, with ultra-low anti-AR film, standard 21:9 ratio display, and no deformation for viewing.

In addition, Xiaomi MIX Fold2 uses a self-developed micro-droplet shaped hinge, which is light and easy to fold, and has a carbon fiber double-wing floating plate. You can feel the extreme feel brought by precision craftsmanship in your hand.

In general, Xiaomi MIX Fold2 is a high-end flagship in configuration. It is equipped with the self-developed MIUI Fold13, which realizes the fashion and practicality of the folding screen. In addition, the folding phone is so thin and light, it is indeed the most worthwhile purchase on the market. Of course, it will be better if wireless charging can be added later. I look forward to more high-quality products from domestic products to surprise the Chinese!

Xiaomi MIX Fold2 thin and light folding Snapdragon 8+ flagship processor Leica optical lens Self-developed micro water droplet shape hinge 12GB+512GB Moon Shadow Black 5G mobile phone

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