The difference is $200. Compared Xiaomi 12 Pro with Xiaomi 12S Ultra, which one is more worth buying?

At present, the 8GB+128GB version of Xiaomi Mi 12 Pro is priced at $399 on an e-commerce platform, and the 8GB+128GB version of Xiaomi 12S Ultra is priced at $449 yuan. The difference between the two phones is $100, so the question is, which phone is more expensive Is it worth starting? By comparing the hardware configuration of the two mobile phones, I believe you will definitely make a choice that meets your needs.

Many configurations of Xiaomi Mi 12 Pro are similar to Xiaomi Mi 12S Ultra. In terms of performance, Xiaomi Mi 12Pro is equipped with Samsung’s 4nm process technology Snapdragon 8Gen1 processor, while Xiaomi Mi 12SPro is equipped with TSMC’s 4nm Snapdragon 8+Gen1 processor, which is definitely the Xiaomi Mi 12SPro in terms of experience. better.

In terms of screen, most of the parameters of Xiaomi Mi 12Pro and Xiaomi Mi 12SPro screen are the same, the screen size is 6.73 inches, 120Hz LTPO adaptive refresh rate technology, can achieve 1 ~ 120Hz adaptive adjustment, the resolution is 2K, it is 1.07 billion primary colors Samsung E5 material. The screen difference between the two phones is mainly in the touch sampling rate. The Mi 12Pro supports a 480Hz touch sampling rate, and the Mi 12SPro supports a 240Hz touch sampling rate.

In terms of imaging, Xiaomi Mi 12Pro and Xiaomi Mi 12SPro both have a 32-megapixel beauty selfie camera on the front, the rear main camera is the same, a 50-megapixel Sony IMX707 sensor, with a 1/1.28-inch outsole, and the Xiaomi Mi 12SPro has an additional Leica certification , the other two cameras on the rear of the two phones: the ultra-wide-angle lens and the portrait lens are both 50 million pixels.

In terms of battery life and color matching, both Mi 12Pro and Mi 12SPro have built-in 4600mAh batteries, which support 120W wired flash charging and 50W wireless flash charging. Both Mi 12Pro and Mi 12SPro are available in four colors: black, blue, purple, and wild green.

In terms of body size, Xiaomi Mi 12Pro body size is: black, blue, purple: 163.6×74.6×8.16mm; wild green: 163.6×74.6×8.66mm, black, blue, purple: weight 205g; wild green: Weight 204g. The dimensions of Xiaomi Mi 12SPro are: glass version: 16.36×74.6×8.16mm; PU version: 16.36×74.6×8.66mm, glass version: weight 205g; PU version: weight 204g.

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